Discovering Habitats

(full day or half day)

Suitable for Key Stage 2

Children take part in a variety of games and activities in the woodland habitat designed to reinforce their understanding of organisms living in that habitat, their interdependence and adaptation.

This will include detailed exploration of woodland micro habitats for minibeasts, with an emphasis on classification and recording. Other example activities might include:

  • Woodland detectives – children look for evidence of the animals that live in the woods
  • Woodland World – children take part in activities designed to understand adaptation to the woodland habitat  such as Woodland Top Trumps investigating the amazing powers our resident woodland creatures have and blindfold trail
  • Woodland Feeding Frenzies– what or who do our woodland creatures eat? Activities such as the Sparrowhawk Game, Owl and Mouse and  Wonder Web reinforce understanding of food chains and webs
  • Power of Plants   – children investigate the variety of plants growing in the woodland , through activities such as the Plant Scavenger Hunt and  Leaf Bingo and go on to investigate the role of plants in the ecosystem.

Please contact Alison Driver, our Education Officer, who will be happy to tailor the day’s activities to fit your requirements.


Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Objectives

  • Use classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things.
  • Describe the differences in life cycles.
  • Use the local environment throughout the year to identify and study plants and animals in their habitat.
  • Interpret food chains.
  • Identify producers, predators and prey.
  • Identify how animals are adapted to suit their environment.

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