Victorian Outdoor Experience

It is the year 1881 and school children are encouraged to dress up and work hard in the role of apprentices on Cuerden Hall Estate.  If they catch Lady Katherine’s eye she may even employ them permanently!  Pupils get a first hand taste of Victorian life in this full day programme and are kept busy with lots of hands-on tasks and experiences.

  • Charcoal Burning. The children are met by the   estate’s Charcoal Burner.  He puts them to work cutting wood and loading the kiln.
  • Kitchen Gardening. The Head Gardener at Cuerden Hall is a strict task master and likes his apprentices to work quickly and quietly!
  • Ice Cream Making. The children meet a Scullery Maid from Cuerden Hall. She shows the children the Ice House and how to make ice cream – Victorian style!
  • Poaching shhh… The children are sent to meet the Gamekeeper, but on the way they get pounced on by the local poacher and taught the tricks of his trade
  • The programme links with the New National History curriculum topics Local History and/or a study over time beyond 1066, via themed topics e.g. Children in the Past.

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